18 years old.

Vehicles allowed

  • Cars with a maximum authorized mass that is below 3,500 kg, and built for the transportation of 8 passengers or less, including the driver (trucks, vans, passenger-commercial combo vehicles, car derived vans, and motorhomes). These vehicles can have a trailer connected to them of a maximum authorized mass that is below 750 kg.
  • Sets of coupled vehicles composed of a towing vehicle authorized under driving license B, and a trailer of a maximum authorized mass that is below 4.250 kg.
  • Two- and three-wheeled mopeds, and light quadricycles.
  • Motorised tricycles and quadricycles. You are not authorized to drive motorised tricycles with a maximum power higher than 15 kW until age 21.
  • Non-farm, special vehicles, or sets of special vehicles with a maximum authorized speed that not exceeds 40 km/h, and a maximum authorized mass that is below 3.500 kg. If any of these limits is surpassed, you will be required to have a license that allows for the particular maximum authorized mass your vehicle has.
  • Non-farm self-propelled vehicles (or sets of them) that can transport up to 9 passengers, including the driver.
  • Special self-propelled farm vehicles (or sets of them) that surpass the maximum mass and dimension measurements established, or if their maximum speed is above 45 km/h.

This license does not allow you to drive motorcycles. However, all drivers who have a license B in force for more than three years can drive motorcycles as permitted by license A1 within the national territory.