Intensive courses bahia

Our intensive course lasts 8 days. It is a face-to-face course. You will have a teacher who will help you solve all your doubts, and give you tips on how to get prepared for passing the theory test first time. The intensive course will be carried out along with the tests, which should be started from the beginning. That is why we have a mobile App that allows you to practice anywhere, anytime. If you prefer to use a computer, we have enabled a virtual school for you, filled with tests, theory, and videos. Our formula includes face-to-face intensive classes with the best teachers, support via virtual school, and online teacher follow-up to evaluate your progress. The result is the best preparation to pass the test successfully.

Online course

Don’t worry! At Autoescuela BAHIA, we are aware that it is not always possible for everyone to attend classes in person. For this reason, we have created a solution for you to obtain your driving license in the most comfortable way for you. With out APP, you can enjoy all theory with explainer videos, do own and DGP tests, etc. to get ready. You can sign up from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It is compatible with your timetable (work, classes, etc.), in addition to being able to review your wrong and right answers. You have a TUTOR teacher at your disposal to clarify any doubt you may have, either online or in person at our centre.